All that you have is your soul
— Tracy Chapman

Welcome! The songs I write and perform are inspired by the belief that the ancient belongs with the new, and that everyone and everything is ultimately connected with threads that we often do not detect, going back to the dawn of time.

I mix languages, cultural and spiritual influences, African drum rhythms and some good old groove to create "music for the soul"


Musical Inspiration: My Dad
He loved music. Two things he did led to me developing an early love of music. Firstly, he had a huge collection of vinyl records - everything from Kenny Rogers to ABBA to Zambian acts like Amayenge and Paul Ngozi. So, naturally, I grew up listening to that music. Secondly, whenever he could, he bought musical instruments even though he couldn’t play them himself. He bought them in the hope that me and my siblings would play: drums, flutes, marimbas - we always had something we were learning to play.
One day, when I was about 10 or 11, he brought home a real game-changer: a Bontempi Model B4 electric air organ. The name may sound big, but it wasn’t big at all. It was all of two octaves (25 keys), plus chord pads on the side in case you got more than a little adventurous! When you plugged it into the power, a fan blew air across pipes that were different lengths to make up the different sounds. Today when you find this organ on ebay, it is invariably described as a “rare” or “vintage” item.
This two-octave machine was the beginning of my learning to play keyboard and expanding my modest musical horizons. The fan mechanism broke often, probably due to over-use, but my brother and I would fix it right back using super glue. As I learned more I started to play keyboards in church and at school events and the education continued. My Dad passed away in 2012 due to illness. I’m thankful for the gift that he left me, because it keeps on giving.

Thank you for visiting.


Photos by Bryon Malik, Artwork by Bupe.