New music: Hair on Fire / Umulilo

Hair on Fire / Umulilo is now available on all major platforms.

I initially called the song "Street Guitarist" when I first wrote it - even though the words "street guitarist" do not appear in the lyrics. It’s in the voice of a street guitarist who plays music in order to connect with people, but finds that most people just walk on by without as much as an acknowledgement. He is somebody that is a "nobody" to most people, except for a few people who stop and listen and start tapping their feet, even dancing. That gets him excited - gets his "Hair on Fire".

"Umulilo" is the Bemba word for fire and is the refrain that runs through the song. The full refrain “Leto ‘mulilo” means “bring the fire”. Bemba is a language spoken by about 5 million people in my native Zambia and also in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The song is upbeat because it is a celebration of the fact that even when life is tough, and you are somewhat invisible to others, there is always something that can warm your heart - get your "Hair on Fire”. It could be playing cards with friends, listening to music, visiting Mother, hearing from a friend from a long time ago, watching your favorite team, a smile on the street...

You can listen to it right here on this website, or follow this link to listen to it on other platforms.

Sid Mofya