Moto Moto Podcast features Hair on Fire / Umulilo

I am super-excited that one of my favorite podcasts, Moto Moto African Music Podcast, is featuring my song Hair on Fire / Umulilo this week!

MJ Wemoto’s Moto Moto plays music from all over the African continent, and with the podcasts coming every Friday, is usually my set-up for a fresh infusion of awesome African tunes every weekend.

Moto Moto is described as “the most well-rounded African Music podcast on the internet, serving you with sizzling Afrobeats, Afrobashment, Afro Hip Hop, House, Afrotrap, Afropop and  everything considered African popular music “ and I wholeheartedly agree.

Hop on over to the podcast and have a listen, maybe even subscribe!

Siyabonga (“we thank you” in Ndebele)

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