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Collaborating to create "Nimwe Kafwa"

I love collaboration. There is something about having an idea or set of ideas held between different people that all comes together to form something that could never have existed otherwise. I think it’s quite magical!

I wrote Nimwe Kafwa on piano, and worked with my brother who lives in Zambia, who arranged the backing vocals. He asked a Zambian band (True Note) who we know through a mutual friend to sing and record the backing vocals. The producer on the track is Mark Kenoly of Kenoly Studios in Santa Clara, California. He produced, played bass, and mixed and mastered the song. In the process we changed the song in many ways that I couldn’t have anticipated by myself. The collaboration took work, lots of communication, and, sometimes, patience with each other, but it’s a marvelous process to behold.

Incidentally, according to Yuval Noah Harari, the author of Sapiens, this ability to collaborate at scale is what distinguishes human beings from other animals and enables us to rule the earth despite not being the strongest or the fastest species.

Long live collaboration! (see a fascinating video on this by a friend Kate Lamont)

You can listen to Nimwe Kafwa right here on this website, or follow this link to hear it on any online platform.


English translation (poetic, not literal):

Heart fails. Eyes look up. It's darkness.
Words freeze. Hardness. Think I'll go to Him
Friends love, but they're human. Just like me
Money's gone. Hardness. Think I'll go to Him

(Chorus) Hallelujah. Helper. Keeper. Father. Hallelujah

Lead me to water and green grass. I don't need much more
It's all goodness, refreshing. When I go to Him

Bridge) Stay with me. Shelter me. I don't need much more.


Written, arranged and performed by Mofya
Additional vocals by True Note (Chingola, Zambia)
Bass guitar, production, mixing and mastering by Mark Kenoly
Recorded at Kenoly Music Studio, Santa Clara, California.